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In this example, we show how to use MODE to study a photonic crystal fiber (PCF).  Using the built-in analysis tools, we will calculate the effective index and dispersion of the PCF, as well as estimate how efficiently light can be coupled in to the PCF, and how much loss can result from bending the fiber.





Problem definition: More details


Consider a micro-structured silica fiber that uses a PCF of air holes with pitch = 23.2 microns and hole radius = 5.8 microns, with the central air hole missing.  Here, the user will learn to:


Create a PCF using the Object Library

Find the effective index of the fundamental mode at 1550 nm using Modal Analysis

Measure both the waveguide and the total (including material) dispersion of the PCF using Frequency Analysis

Analyze the total loss, including both the propagation loss and the macro-bending loss, in 90 degree bend using Bend Analysis

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