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Plasmonic Waveguide

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Consider a rectangular silver surface plasmon waveguide with dimensions 1000nm x 100nm described in [1].


We want to measure the effective index of the ssb0 mode at 633nm.  We will also calculate the effective index of this mode as a function of waveguide thickness, from 50nm to 200nm.




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1. P. Berini, "Plasmon-polariton waves guided by thin lossy metal films of finite width: Bound modes of symmetric structures",  Phys. Rev. B, 61, 10484-10503 (2000).



Learning objectives

In this example, we show how MODE can be used to study surface plasmon modes.  We will use a non-uniform mesh to more accurately resolve the fields near the metal interface.  The user will learn to:

Create a new material

Use symmetric boundary conditions

Use mesh override regions to create a non-uniform mesh

Use a built in parameter sweep to get the effective index and loss vs. thickness of the waveguide

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