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Product examples for release 2019b. Find example files, simulation methodologies and tips to help you get started quickly and easily. You can also browse the application gallery directly from within our products.

pic_app_area_zoom60Integrated Photonics Components & Circuits

Selected examples

Avalanche photodetector

Edge coupler

Grating coupler

Mach-Zehnder modulator

MMI coupler

QPSK transceiver

Ring modulator

Travelling wave Mach-Zehnder interferometer

Vertical photodetector

Waveguides (FDE)

Waveguide crossing

Waveguide taper

Y Branch PSO



More examples



plasmonics_metamaterials_app_area_zoom60Metamaterials & Plasmonics

Selected examples

Fluorescence enhancement

Metamaterial parameter extraction - Smith

Mie scattering (FDTD)

Mie scattering (DGTD)

Plasmonic Resonator

Plasmonic mode excitation


More plasmonics examples

More metamaterial examples





cmos_app_area_zoom60CMOS Image Sensors

Selected examples

CMOS Image Sensor - Angular Response



More examples









diffractive_and_metalens_app_area_zoom60Diffractive Optics & Metalenses

Selected examples

Simple High Q Cavity

Zemax interoperability - Metalens


More examples





oled_app_area_zoom60LED / OLEDs

Selected examples

OLED enhancement (2D)

Zemax interoperability - Planar OLED


More examples










Selected examples

Solar cell



More examples











Additional resources

kx_resource_zoom26Knowledge Exchange (KX)

The Knowledge Exchange (KX) is a user forum for users who want to ask questions and exchange simulation tips with the Larger community.

Community or Premium support contract required.







edu_resource_zoom28Lumerical University (EDU)

Lumerical University offers online courses to help users quickly learn how to use our products.

Community or Premium support contract required.









kb_resource_zoom27Knowledge Base (KB)

Access product documentation and reference manuals in the Knowledge Base (KB).











ix_resource_zoom37Ideas Exchange (IX)

Submit product improvement ideas and vote on the submissions of others in the Ideas Exchange (IX).














Lumerical recommends that users always upgrade to the latest product version (currently, release 2019b) to gain access to all new features and bug fixes. Customers with a current license are always entitled to upgrade to the latest version at no additional cost. For users that are not ready to upgrade, a snapshot of the previous version of the Applications Gallery can be found at Applications Gallery - 2019a release.

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