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Metamaterial Absorbers

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Electromagnetic absorbers based on metamaterial have attracted significant interest as a way of improving the performance of thermal imaging sensors, solar cells, photodectectors. While absorbers with broadband, polarization-insensitive, omni-directional absorption characteristics are highly desirable for many applications, there are also areas where wavelength selectivity and tunability can be of great importance. Due to its versatility in tailoring the electromagnetic responses over arbitrary frequency ranges, metamaterial has become a promising candidate for absorbers with enhanced performances.


In this section, we will look at three examples where a combination of solvers (optical, thermal and electrical) are used to address the complex design requirements for metamaterial absorbers.



Plasmonic metamaterial absorber
(simple example, optical only)














Tunable graphene metamaterial absorber

(charge transport + optical)











Metamaterial microbolometer

(optical + heat transport + charge transport )


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