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Planar OLEDs

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For planar OLEDs/LEDs with no patterning, analytical methods of calculating the optical response are considerably faster than direct simulations of Maxwell’s equations. Lumerical's Stack Optical Solver provides a set of 1D optical stack functions that accurately captures the interference and microcavity effects in multilayer stacks and can be used for rapid analysis of these devices. In most cases, less than one second of calculation time is required to calculate and characterize the optical response of system.


This section contains the following examples using Lumerical's Stack Optical Solver to simulate the optical response of planar OLEDs/LEDs:


Optimizing far field emission of multilayer stack

Stackdipole and FDTD simulations

Slab mode analysis of a OLED layer structure (this example uses the 1D Eigenmode solver)


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