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Application Gallery

Lumerical's Heat Transport Solver (HEAT) is capable of modeling steady-state and transient behavior of heat flow in solids.  It can not only be used in conjunction with Lumerical's FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions, and Interconnect to simulate optical devices, but also to simulate a wide range of thermal/electro-thermal devices.  In this section, we offer a few examples of the use of HEAT in simulating thermal and electro-thermal components.

Cooling and Heating

In this "getting started" example we look into a simple case of air cooling at the surface of a silicon thin film.  We also look at the time-resolved heating of a thin film of glass (SiO2) when it is coated with a few layers of graphene.


Heat Flow in Solids

In this example, we look at the steady-state and transient heat flow in solids.


Ohmic Heating

In this example, we simulate ohmic heating arising from current flow in a wire.


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