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In this example we show how to use the FEEM to study a step-index fiber. Using the built-in analysis tools, we will calculate the field distributions and effective indices of some of the modes supported by the fiber. The simulation results are then compared with a semianalytical calculation done with a MATLAB script.




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Step-index and graded-index fiber (FEEM)

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Related references

A. W. Snyder and J. D. Love, "Optical Waveguide Theory". London: Kluwer Academic Publishers (1983).


Lumerical products R2018b or newer



Learning objectives

The user will learn to:

Create optical materials and assign them to geometrical objects in FEEM.

Create a simple fiber geometry using primitive structures in FEEM.

Use the FEEM to find the supported modes, their effective indices and modal fields.

Benchmark simulation results by comparison with reference semianalytical calculations.

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