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Advanced Modulation Format Transceivers

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Coherent detection in combination with digital signal processing (DSP) provides new capabilities such as enabling the use of highly spectrally efficient modulation formats and compensating a wide variety of transmission impairments. However, coherent transceivers are extremely complex and contain many interconnected optical and electrical components. Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are a key technology to not only reduce the complexity, cost, and footprint of the transceivers but enable future scaling. Proponents of silicon photonics usually focus on high-volume, low-cost applications, such as short-reach interconnects, because photonic integrated circuits can be manufactured in large-scale. However, silicon photonics is also suited for high-end telecommunications applications such as advanced modulation formats, because of its high index contrast and high element yield.


In this section, we will discuss the simulation methodology and present various application examples.


A qpsk_system. (Click to enlarge)

A qpsk_system. (Click to enlarge)


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