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Dual-polarization quadrature phase shift keying (DP-QPSK) involves the polarization multiplexing of two different QPSK signals. With the two polarization orthogonal, the two theoretically interference-free QPSK signals transmit independently, thus the spectral efficiency is doubled compares to QPSK.



Problem Definition: More Details

DP-QPSK transceiver modulates two independent QPSK signals to different polarizations of the carrier light wave. One optical polarization splitter at the transmitter side is used to split the carrier light wave into two polarization-orthogonal light waves; and one polarization combiner combines the waves into one for transmission. Without considering polarization mode dispersion, the two polarization orthogonal light waves transmitted without interfering each other. The whole system can be separated into two independent QPSK sub-systems, please see Optical QPSK for details.  



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